PayForAResearchPaper.Com – Of the countries of the Visegrad Group, said she would like to adopt such rezolucji.- the other hand, we are aware that the EU is at stake and the different interests of the other countries opt for it to support us, I do not know – he said spokeswoman PiS.Mazurek recalled that on Saturday in Vilnius, Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaite after meeting with President Andrzej Duda provided that Lithuania would not support any “coercive methods against any country in the EU, including against Poland.” – We are for dialogue and mutual search for solutions.

We have many projects that are in progress or pending work on the new” – said the government asked about Kopcińska.Rzeczniczka intensive political consultations on the composition of the government, which take place between Christmas and January 6, as previously reported Ryszard Terlecki Deputy Speaker of Parliament, said that “she does not attend these meetings” .See also Morawiecki: Reshuffle after Epiphany ‘ “about the changes, if they will fall, the Prime Minister will inform the public . and at the moment, it performs its duties very intense. There’s minister of finance and development, so for now, has a lot of duties, “- Prime Minister stressed Kopcińska.Rząd Mateusz Morawiecki was appointed in mid-December, President Andrzej Duda, and its composition it is identical to that of the prime minister’s office Beata Awl, which is now wicepr emierem.zobacz also Gowin on the final date of changes in the government: I hope that after the Epiphany »On Wednesday, Matthew Morawicki said that when it comes to the reconstruction of the government after Epiphany, which falls on January 6, shortly after the date, we can already know all the possible changes in the Council of Ministers. The highest level of trust among politicians, which CBOS asked, still enjoys the president Andrzej Duda. Trust in him, declares 62 percent. respondents, and distrust – 26 percent. Compared to November confidence in the president has fallen by 5 percent. and the level of distrust has increased by 3 percentage points.

9 percent. of respondents declared indifference to the head of state. In second place among public figures included Prime Minister was Mateusz Morawiecki. 55 percent trust him. respondents and 28 percent. expresses distrust. The level of confidence in the head of government fell by 3 percentage points from November; at the same time by the same amount the percentage of respondents who do not trust the prime minister. 12 percent. expresses indifference to the head rządu.zobacz also: What kidnap voters?

Justice shows that there is still a strong weakness of others “In third place ranking was the confidence this month, Paul Kukiz, trusts 45 percent. respondents (down 1 percentage point), and does not trust him 26 percent. (An increase of 2 percentage points). 21 percent. expresses indifference to kukiz’15 leader. CBOS survey conducted from 29 November-9 December 2018, numbering 942 persons on a representative random sample of adult Polish citizens. – We call on the Government of Hungary, would support Poland, did not let diminish enshrined in the EU Treaty rights of Polish and did not support a proposal that would limit the exercise of fundamental rights Polish arising from its membership in the EU – is written in the resolution, the draft of which made head of the parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs Zsolt Nemeth .See also Szíjjártó Hungary will always vote against sanctions against Polish »Hungarian parliamentarians also called on the Hungarian Members of the European Parliament, not to the supported extended by the European Union proposal, which advocates the proceedings initiated against Poland based on Article 7 of the Treaty the EU or with him zgadza.Rezolucję adopted by 114 votes “for” at 13 the opposite in the presence of Polish ambassador Jerzy Snopka.W resolution emphasized that “the Hungarian Parliament considers it unreasonable that the European Parliament and the European Commission initiated Polish to initiate proceedings under Article. 7 of the EU Treaty and taken a decision on the matter “.Parlamentarzyści stated that, in accordance with the law expect the EU institutions, that instead of double standards applied to all Member States the principle of equal treatment. “Lack of equal treatment makes the citizens of the countries that will suffer, become the EU second-class citizens” – ticked MPs. “We, Hungarians, while the Poles, guided by the same faith and identical hopes, we are voluntarily members of the Union European Union. We did this trusting that we join the community of standing on a foundation of values ​​such as law, justice and freedom “- ticked parlamentarzyści.Podkreślili then:” We, Hungarians, we do not want a Europe where freedom is restricted and it is not filled. We do not want a Europe where whoever greater abuses its power and where in the area of ​​joint competence exercised ignores the sovereignty of the nation.

After 40 years behind the Iron Curtain, we have quite a diktat “.Parlament noted that recently Hungary and Poland suffered numerous unjust and unfair attacks from the European Union institutions.” Poland and Hungary instead of the European idea of ​​the United States believe in the community of European nations. Instead of dissemination of ideas of open society we consider their task behavior of our Christian culture “- said Hungarian parlament.W resolution is written, that the Poles and Hungarians almost simultaneously, more than a thousand years ago, went into the family of European nations with the establishment of States and the adoption of Christianity, then repeatedly shoulder to shoulder acted in the name of the most important universal values ​​of freedom, democracy, independence and basic human rights. “Flame of the Hungarian revolution of 1956. he kindled solidarity with the Polish. Pest guys fighting with Soviet tanks (in 1956. – PAP) could be heroes Polish Solidarity predecessors. Chain common history led us to change the political system of ending the communist dictatorship “- emphasized also mention the decisive role of both nations in the collapse of the Iron kurtyny.W justification of the draft resolution stresses that on 15 November 2017. Parliament adopted a resolution on the situation in Poland, according to which will begin preparation to initiate a proceeding under Article.

7 against the Polish government and the European Commission on December 20 announced that it had decided to launch proceedings in accordance with Article. 7.Zaznaczono that the Hungarian Parliament sees in the proceedings against the Polish dangerous precedent, because the Commission’s decision is beyond their remit guard traktatów.Przyjęcie resolution was preceded by a hot parliamentary debate, during which Nemeth noted that the task of the EU is not the settlement of internal disputes and the Member States if the Union to the extent interferes in the internal affairs of Polish, this creates a precedent for the interference to any other Member State. “Who actually writes the Polish constitution, the Poles have yet to do so by law, or it could also take over from the European Commission tireless them?” – zapytał.Część opposition MPs did not support the resolution. Their opposition to justify it during the debate among that according to them, this document does not speak about the Polish-Hungarian friendship, only two governments państw.Według Hungarian Socialist Party MP Gergely Barandyego in this document about “shared by the two pressuring autocratic governments, which are trying to find an excuse for their barring, irreconcilable with the idea of ​​the rule of law public aspirations. ” In his view, Brussels does not misused its powers, Hungary and if they feel responsible for the Polish nation should try to persuade the Polish government to change its approach contrary to the rule of prawa.Poseł Jobbik Marton said Gyoengyoesi and that although the resolution is full of pathos many formulations, it it does not devote much space to the claimant for the procedure initiated against the Polish. He noted that the EU is not criticized as the first Polish justice reform, only the Polish Constitutional Court. According to the deputy of the resolution, the Hungarian government wants to justify its own policies during the campaign for parliamentary elections rozpisanymi 8 kwietnia.Rzeczniczka PiS: There will not be any talk of sanctions against PolskiRezolucja Hungarian Parliament shows that there will be no question of sanctions against Polish – said a spokeswoman for the Law and Justice Beata Mazurek, commenting on the adoption of rezolucji.- I am very pleased that the Hungarian Parliament resolution, because it shows clearly that there will be no question of sanctions against Polish – Mazurek stressed. – The rhetoric of the opposition striking in their own country and the Polish government in tatters – zaznaczyła.Pytana or expect similar resolutions in other parliaments of EU Member States, eg. Of the countries of the Visegrad Group, said she would like to adopt such rezolucji.- the other hand, we are aware that the EU is at stake and the different interests of the other countries opt for it to support us, I do not know – he said spokeswoman PiS.Mazurek recalled that on Saturday in Vilnius, Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaite after meeting with President Andrzej Duda provided that Lithuania would not support any “coercive methods against any country in the EU, including against Poland.” – We are for dialogue and mutual search for solutions.

Lithuania will not be supported voting against the Polish state, but we will try to reach an agreement – said the president Litwy.W December last. The European Commission has asked the EU Member States to start procedures against the Polish art. 7 violation of the rule of law in connection with the reforms in the judicial system, carried out by the authorities in Warsaw. See also: Foreign Minister of Hungary: I hope for agreement between Israel and the Polish »Art. 7 of the EU Treaty is called how much to pay for a research paper. nuclear option, as a result of which the country may be subject to sanctions or even the suspension of the right to vote on the EU forum.

For this to happen, it must give the green light to EU summit unanimously. Hungary several times repeated, however, that in such a situation will be against punishment Polski.9 January in Brussels met the Prime Minister and the head of Mateusz Morawiecki Commission Jean-Claude Juncker. The meeting, which also took part the deputy head of the European Commission Frans Timmermans and Minister of Foreign Affairs Konrad Szymanski, took longer than originally planned, and diplomatic sources reported that the head of the Polish government held talks with Juncker several minutes alone. Morawiecki and Juncker had agreed to have another meeting to continue the discussion and make “progress to the end of February” .21 January in Brussels was held a meeting of the Foreign Minister Jack Czaputowicz of Timmermans. Czaputowicz said that it was a good conversation, and that dialogue will kontynuowany.KE the recommendations adopted December 20, 2017 year indicated what actions need to take the Polish authorities to reply to its objections. This should include to amend the Law on the Supreme Court, including the non-reduced retirement age to the current sędziów.KE demands a change in the law on the National Council of the Judiciary.

He wants to not interrupted tenure of judges and members of the Council ensured that the new system of selection of judges guaranteed by the representatives of the members of the judicial community. Another of the recommendations is to “restore the independence and legitimacy of the Constitutional Court by ensuring that the president and vice president were elected in accordance with the law and that the Court’s judgments were published and performed in full.” We come from different political backgrounds, but we share the belief that the Polish raison d’etat is permanent roots of our country in Europe. That’s why we establish the European Coalition, which aims to rebuild a strong position in the European Union Polish – reads the statement signed by Grzegorz Schetyna, Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz, Catherine Lubnauer, Vladimir Czarzastego and Margaret Sawyer and Mark Kossakowski. The declaration recalls that after 1989 Poland joined NATO and the EU. As noted, at that time Poland had an impact “on key decisions about the fate of the region and the continent, was developed and respected.” In the last three years – rated – “built a system of state standards closer to the East than the West,” Polish weakened international position, and the current government “does not fight even good for us next budget of the Union” .See also the party leaders signed a declaration on the establishment European coalition »Lubnauer: Law and Justice coalition firmly frightened European» According to the signatories of the declaration, must “renew and strengthen a united Europe”, and only a strong position in the Polish EU is a guarantee of its security, prosperity and development.

The document declared a “battle” for the realization of the “three promises”. “We promise Polkom and Poles fight for the European Union, whose activities reduce are the differences between the Polish and West European income levels, the amount of subsidies to farmers, the situation of workers, quality of life, clean air and protecting the climate, as the largest EU budget for Polish, Poland in fully democratic, law-abiding and self-governing, the state built on honesty and patriotism, Poland, citizens of equal rights for all citizens, modern and enterprising “- reads. “We establish the European Coalition because together better we take care of the interests of Poles in the EU. Make it impossible to Polish derivation of the EU. The durable build for the Polish position among the major European force” – we read. The content of the declaration published on Twitter the head of the club PO-KO Slawomir Neumann. brands In connection with the spring offensive by the Taliban in recent weeks intensified fighting in Afghanistan; fostered by the return of warmer weather. As a result, Afghan government forces have come under pressure in several areas, which constitutes a risk for the October parliamentary and provincial elections – notes Reuters. Afghan forces by the loss of control over Kohistan, located north of the capital Badachszanu Fajzabadu, occurred after he came not billed meals, forcing the government forces to withdraw – said police spokesman in the province Sanaullah Rohani.

Also a number of checkpoints in the district Tiszkan, south of Fajzabadu, was seized by militants who have increased pressure on the area. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mudżahid said that clashes killed two Taliban fighters and 15 members of the security forces; They seized many weapons. Although Badakhshan, which lies on the border with Tajikistan, China and Pakistan, it is one of the bastions of the Taliban, Kohistan this acquisition increases the number of districts controlled by the Taliban in that province to three. See also: New Cold War: Russia and the US choosing confrontation »mountainous region in the north of Afghanistan has rich mineral reserves and numerous unregistered mines of precious stones, which are operated by local commanders and the Taliban. In Afghanistan, there is an ongoing voter registration, but many people are reluctant to be recorded on a list for fear of attacks on polling stations or reprisals by the Taliban, who oppose the vote.

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